The Weekenders


The Weekenders is a project based around a group of skateboarders from Cannock in the west midlands. More like a family than friends a true bunch of wild billy the kid types.The body of work presented on this site is a small insight into the life,times and anticts of this group of skateboarders, called "Team bifta" from my book The Weekenders.

Austerity sucks

More governments cuts and delving deeper into austerity.This body of work is from various protests and political rallies from across england. the people should not fear their govenment. The governmet should fear its people.

The Silk Road: A strange and brutal road to globalization

To us westerners China is a far and mysterious place with foreign wonders, Home of great food and better hospitality, which it is. China is one of the worlds leading superpowers of the world and economy and employment is everything? The country has shifted dramatically over a short period of time with rich glitzy advertizing. With a national income of 21.37 trillion dollars (2016) this country is heaving with ancient tradition and modern innovation and forcing western values. They have many cities of opportunity and thriving energy but this also leads to poverty and exclusion. 

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