I am documentary photographer. It’s just a part of who I am. My  photography is eclectic but the focus is always people. Different cultures and its people and documenting the strange and banal oddities in others' lives as I pass through, Focusing on the human spirit and human interaction I have a fascination with people that make up this world we live in, wether it being a village in Thailand, Myanmar and China or a subculture like skateboarding or punk rock. It is my way of gathering knowledge and understanding the world and our species as we live. I photograph what i love and what i hate. I am both a participant and voyeur giving me a unique view of my subjects and content within the photographs. My work is a hymn to the world as it stands the old and the new.  My work to stands as a document of the sign of the times.





“ Each photograph should speak for itself. With its own feeling and place to be apart of. The photographs should stand alone as a documentation of our time. For good  or ill the photograph will evoke an emotion within the viewer.”

© 2014 by Dan Hinks Photography

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